Thomas “Tom” Tedford

Thomas “Tom” Tedford
United Road Towing
Branford, Connecticut

Give an example of how nominee has shared expertise with fellow tow operators.

Mr. Tedford, has over thirty years’ experience serving the towing industry at various levels of office. He began his career with Caron Towing and Caron Transport in Hartford, CT, Chaired a CEO Advisory Committee tasked with beginning United Road Services turnaround by implementing cost reductions and operational restructuring for their Towing Division, served United Road Services as the East Region Operations manager, charged with overseeing all aspects of business including cost reduction within their operating facilities. Since March of 2003 until present Mr. Tedford has served as Senior Vice President of Operations for United Road Towing the Nation’s Largest Towing Company working on operations, purchasing, cost reduction, safety, training and marketing.

Provide details of at least one instance when the nominee has effected positive change in the industry.

Treasurer for ITRHFM where he was part of a team that created and managed secure funds and established a Museum investment fund that had grown from $0 to over $500,000 when he left office, also combined with the Survivor Fund he Managed and created a portfolio for the museum that successfully controlled $1.6 million dollars in total and led a charge that returned the Museum to profitability and allowed it to function on a day to day basis that returned value for the membership annually.

How has the nominee served as a role model or mentor to younger tow operators?

Mr. Tedford has given educational seminars to thousands of towing professionals across the country regarding billing practices, business presentation, rate structure and management.

What leadership roles within the industry has the nominee held?

Holding various offices, training and speaking.


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