Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows
Burrows Wrecker Service
Pendleton, Kentucky

Give an example of how nominee has shared expertise with fellow tow operators.

  • Contributing editor to several industry publications including Towing & Recovery Footnotes and PTROI Beacon (note the attached column example from The Beacon addressing industry ethics)
  • Publication representative for Footnotes on the 2013 TRAA L&L Conference “Getting the Word Out” industry publication panel (note attached copy of post regarding the conference panel)

Provide details of at least one instance when the nominee has effected positive change in the industry.

Member of the TRAA Education Committee that created the first Traffic Incident Management handbook (which was funded by a federal grant).

How has the nominee served as a role model or mentor to younger tow operators?

  • Scott makes himself available through his state and the national association fielding questions from towing operators around the U.S.
  • Member of the Kentucky Youth Bullying Task Force with a goal of recommending practices and policies to help foster safer, harassment-free school environments.

What leadership roles within the industry has the nominee held?

  • Past president of the Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky and longtime director of the TRAK board.
  • Vice president of TRAA, the national towing association, for many years.
  • Board member on the Kentucky Trucking Association.
  • Member Trimble County, Kentucky Board of Education (Elected position).

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