The PUCO has voted to set the Private Tow Away Zone and storage rates. PUCO set the rates at $129.00 for vehicles 10,000 GVW and under with a $17.00 per day storage. For vehicles with a GVW of 10,001 or greater, the rate set is $216.00 and $29.00 per day storage. This is about a 44 percent increase (based off of the CPI from the year 2000). We feel that this increase is a huge victory for the Towing Industry although these numbers are lower than what we and others proposed. The rate reviews were made possible by the hard work and efforts that were put into the passage of HB 341 that was initiated by TRAO. The good news is that we won’t have to wait 18 years for another increase because of HB 341. PUCO is now required to do a review every 5 years due to the bill. The rates above are not in effect as of right now. The ruling will have to be filed with the Secretary of State, The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review and The Legislative Service Commission for review before the rule can take effect. This could take a few months. TRAO has a long and consistent history of advocating for our industry and it’s good to see all of our hard work lead to such a good result. TRAO will continue to stand strong and represent the Towing Industry throughout the rest of this process and any further processes that are for the Betterment of the Towing Industry as a whole. We will let you know when the rates have been finalized and are placed in effect.

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