Nick Schade

Nick Schade
Tony’s Wrecker Service
Louisville, Kentucky

Give an example of how nominee has shared expertise with fellow tow operators.

Serves as host to WreckMaster classes
Works in conjunction with the Middletown Fire Protection District to cross train operators and firemen.

Provide details of at least one instance when the nominee has effected positive change in the industry.

Worked closely with the Harrods Creek (KY) Fire Department when the first new tunnel on I-265 was opened to demonstrate the effectiveness of a co-ordinated response with fire, rescue, EMS and towing to casualties inside the confines of an underground space.

How has the nominee served as a role model or mentor to younger tow operators?

Sponsors WreckMaster classes every year.
Works in his son’s school as a volunteer
Has served his local community in political office.

What leadership roles within the industry has the nominee held?

Served as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of TRAK


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