TRAO Region 4 Director – Paul Ghrist

 It all started on my 18th birthday in 1996. I couldn’t wait to enter into the Towing Industry! It truly was my childhood dream. Through the years I’ve taken training classes with Wreckmaster, MatJack & TRAA. I’ve had the honor of being Top 10 Wreckmaster and also won the Donnie Cruse award for light duty. I enjoyed climbing through the ranks starting with light duty, medium duty, and then finally getting my hands on the big rigs. I’m going on my 19th year with Jeswald Auto Truck Service in Austintown, Ohio and I still enjoy going to work every day.

The sole purpose I ran for Region 4 director is to try to bring back the camaraderie like it was years ago and to provide input that will impact the industry in a positive way. I truly enjoy hanging out with fellow towers, trading recovery stories, and discussing everything we go through in this industry. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any ideals or suggestions for upcoming meetings or events. I’d like to personally thank the towers that call and text me on a daily basis, I’ve literally grown up with all of you in my life.